Q: Is a supplement necessary for bone health?

A: Yes, in many lives.  Unlike other tissues, bone continually remodels and is replaced about every 10 years.  There are many factors contributing to soft bones; age, inactivity, menopause, dietary deficiency.

Q: Is Bone Makar any better than other supplements?

A: Not necessarily if others met the individual’s bone making deficiency.

Q: What makes Bone Makar unique supplement for bone health?

A: Bone Makar has supporting scientific evidence that it causes human bone cells to make bone. In addition, there is supporting evidence that protocatechuic acid results in human stem cells converting to a bone producing cell.

Q: What is the active ingredient in Bone Makar?

A: The basic reagent is a natural plant product called protocatechuate. It a food supplement know as a nutraceutical, but not a drug. It is the primary metabolite from the dyes that make blueberries blue and cherries red. There also is calcium.

Q: Is protocatechate safe?

A: It is pure reagent from healthy plants. The are no known toxins. The trace metals are less than 9 parts per billion. PCA is safe in the recommended daily dose. PCA is common to the human diet. You are likely eating PCA every day. It is the primary metabolite of the dyes found in blueberries and cherries. When you consume either of these fruits, scientific studies show that the primary dye (cyanidin-3-glucoside)is converted to PCA in your blood stream in 30 minutes. PCA is found in so many foods in the daily diet; onions and white grapes and white wine.

Q: Are there any side effects to taking protocatechuate?

A: Yes. It may produce a mild thinning of the blood similar to aspirin. It may produce a slight lowing of one’s blood sugar.

Q: Contraindication to taking Bone Makar?

A: It should not be taken by those on a blood thinner for other reasons. It should not be taken by a diabetic, unless under a physician and blood sugar monitoring.

Q: When should one start taking Bone Makar?

A: Ideally before the bone problem onset in life as one ages.

Q: How long should one take Bone Makar?

A: For many years as bone remodels and is replaced every 10 years.

Q: Why does the large bottle have 360 capsules?

A: If you are serious about bone health then you will need a supplement for many years. The benefit for bone health takes years of care for benefit. The recommended dose would be 2 capsules per day. This would be a half of year supply.

Q: Could I buy a monthly supply?

A: Yes, that would be 60 capsules. For your convenience you could use the scheduled monthly shipment with your credit card of record.

Q: Is Bone Makar FDA approved?

A: No. Bone Makar is not a drug. It has not been submitted to the FDA for evaluation. The labeling as a food supplement is as follows: There are no claims that it makes a diagnosis or treats any specific disease.

Q: How will I know if it is working?

A: For bone health some users have had or will obtain a bone density assessment before using a supplment.  It may take many months of use of any supplement to show a difference.